Modern Science Meets Ancient Wisdom

Western Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine is a traditional form of treatment derived from plants. The traditional knowledge of plant medicine has advanced today in the modern world with strict medical standards.  However, in naturopathic healing the principals of ancient traditions is still held in high regard, utilising modern training and combining the empirical knowledge with modern science and research.

Herbal medicine is prescribed by a qualified Herbalist and used therapeutically to improve health and treat illness, similar to a GP who may prescribe pharmaceutical medications for illness.  Herbal prescription is in the form of either a liquid extract or tablet form and is individualised to each patient relating to symptoms.

The liquid form of medicinal herbs is more absorbable by the body and less processing takes place, retaining many of the key plant constituents for optimum benefit.  The use of herbs in a liquid form also means that a formula can be made on premises during consultation and dosages may be altered during treatment.

Fiona uses botanical & medical research combined with clinical experience when prescribing herbal medicine for your presenting symptoms and/or pre-diagnosed condition.  Every effort is taken to provide safe prescription with thorough evaluation of your pharmaceutical medications to lower risk of adverse reactions.

Did You Know?

Almost one fourth of pharmaceutical drugs are derived from botanicals? Modern medicine alters the natural state of the plant chemical and the end result is a chemically synthesised end product. 

Mankind’s search for drugs made by nature dates back centuries with the intention of discovering treatment for illness.  In human history the struggle with illness led to the pursuit of therapeutic effects of plant parts and their constituents, mainly via traditional tribes, soon discovered by explorers and then trained professionals in the modernised world.

Modern science acknowledged the active action in plants and continued to include findings in modern pharmacotherapy to create a range of synthesised drugs based on plant constituents.

You can now understand that plant & herbal medicine and its effectiveness to treat illness has been successfully used for centuries!