Cellular Health for Living and Longevity

Nutritional Medicine

Fiona offers a wholistic approach to nutrition, with a review of dietary intake and aligning presenting symptoms and/or illness with possible nutrient insufficiency or deficiency as possible triggers or causes of health imbalances.

Nutritional medicine is not just about the food we eat, it is also about understanding the biochemistry of our body, our lifestyle factors and environmental influences contributing to our overall wellbeing.

Each of us is unique in terms of biochemistry, metabolism, anatomy and genetics. Our internal environment requires balance for effective function, enabling us to process foods, absorb nutrients and detoxify and expel wastes.

Fiona will help you understand how the foods you eat can affect your health and provide you with the tools to advance your nutritional intake to a more optimum level for vitality and ongoing wellness.

Nutritional medicine may require correcting nutritional imbalances identified via pathology or another form of assessment, and is fundamental to the prevention and treatment of many common conditions.


Know your DNA & Let Your Food Talk to Your Genes!

Every mouthful of food you consume stimulates communication with the DNA in your cells.  The type of food you consume will determine what stimulation occurs, whether it is protecting or hindering cell-function.

Cellular nutrient support is the focus of treatment with Fiona as you are guided towards a better understanding of your biochemistry and how food & nutrients can impact your health.

Nrf2 is the most important protective cellular defense mechanism in the human body.  Nrf2 is like a switch and when activated correctly, will assist to protect human genes against illness and disease.

Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation

Tailored to Support Chronic Illness

Fiona is professionally trained in the use of GEMM (Gut Ecology and Metabolic Modulation) protocol for patients.    This method of nutrigenomic treatment primarily provides support for multi-system dysfunction and illness of chronic nature.

The G.E.M.M. Protocol aims to treat at a cellular level with focus on the Gut (Gastro-Intestinal Tract) cell wall and the inter-connection between the immune system , the human body’s inflammatory response and the body’s own detoxification pathways. 

Ultimately supporting all aspects of our body’s own cell regulatory factors, biochemical processes and genetic cellular components.  Benefits of the G.E.M.M Protocol encompasses a broad impact on all physiological systems.

Health & Wellbeing Program

The Interaction Between Genes, Diet & Lifestyle 

Understanding you is also about getting to know your personal DNA and how your body functions at it’s best and this differs from person to person.

The fitgenes program is an in-depth, scientifically based cellular nutrigenetic treatment protocol that aims to provide  a targeted, efficient and focused nutritional medicine prescription.  Fitgenes lessens the guess work!

As an Accredited Practitioner with fitgenes, Fiona is trained to professionally assess your genetic report and apply nutritional strategies based on the findings.  It is also possible to identify potential health risks enabling you to take control of your own health and wellbeing.

Once a swab of your DNA is taken, you will receive ‘YOUR VERY OWN HEALTH & WELLBEING GENETIC PROFILE’.  Highlighting susceptibility to disease, possible breakdowns in function and provide you with a blue print for future longevity and healthy ageing.