Natural Medicine Practitioner on the South Coast of NSW

A Wholistic Way To Treat Illness

Naturopathic medicine treats illness with a range of natural therapies, including herbal therapies, nutrition e.g. food as medicine & nutrient supplements, mind therapies e.g. counselling & psychology,  yoga, massage, physiotherapy and chiropractic care, to assist the whole person and regain wellness.

A qualified naturopathic practitioner has many years of professional training and experience in human sciences, biochemistry and clinical research.  You will receive a wholistic model of care involving individual and accurate assessment of various body systems along with presenting symptoms and/or pre-diagnosis to ultimately treat the cause.

Herbal medicine (in liquid extract or supplement form) is a major modality with Fiona Hoptman and has a long history of traditional uses.  Most recently herbal therapies has been gaining the attention of researchers due to the power of plant phytochemicals and their positive effects on health.

Naturopathic Principles of Healing

Safe & Professional

The correct dosing of your prescription will be advised during your consultation along with any contra-indications or cautions necessary if you are on pharmaceutical medications.

The herbal medicines are manufactured according to the Australian Government’s Code of Good Manufacturing Practice.  Manufacturing plants is strictly regulated and audited by the Therapeutic Goods Administration.




G.E.M.M. (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) could be the missing link in restoring your health.

Humans have existed on this planet for thousands of years without the benefit of any of today’s technology. This tells us that every cell of our body is naturally equipped with all the processes it needs to remain healthy. So how can we support our wellness?

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