G.E.M.M. (Gut Ecology & Metabolic Modulation) could be the missing link in restoring your health.

Humans have existed on this planet for thousands of years without the benefit of any of today’s technology. This tells us that every cell of our body is naturally equipped with all the processes it needs to remain healthy. So how can we support our wellness?

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Mood Control

Feeling out of control? Feel like you are unable to manage any more stress? Do you feel run down most of the time? Are your moods low most days? Do you seem to constantly have worrying thoughts? Is your life beginning to be or is impacted by your mood changes?

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Men’s Health – Low Testosterone & Andropause

Over the years, I have only seen a handful of men in practice, the majority of clients are women. There is an abundance of information and support for Women’s Health, Hormones and Menopause, however, information for Men’s Health and Hormone related illness is either lacking or not highlighted.

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Fatigue To Burnout

Fatigue is the most common, unexplained, complaint presented to health practitioners today, with approximately 50% of all cases identified as having no identifiable cause.

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Healthy Bile, Healthy Life

There is a lot of talk around gut health right now, and rightly so. Much of the awareness is around nutrition and feeding our microbiome with the right foods, pre and probiotics, however, there is an organ that functions with our liver to support gut health – the gallbladder!

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Healthy, Happy & Fad Free

Setting yourself new goals or resolutions? Finding it difficult to eat well & not get influenced by media? So, when it comes to healthy eating do you truly understand what it means?

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